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Our mission is to raise people’s awareness and appreciation of Ireland’s coastal and marine environments and to provide applied consultancy services in related fields.

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Coastal Ireland is a network of experts in the area of coastal and marine science and Geographical Information System (GIS). We come together to undertake projects of an educational nature primarily aimed at dissemination and outreach of scientific knowledge to the public in easily accessible formats. Some initiatives are mainly driven by our enthusiasm and passion for the coast and the ocean. Some projects are being kindly supported by and undertaken in collaboration with the Irish Government funded INFOMAR programme, Geological Survey Ireland and the Marine Institute. This initiative is lead by Dr Maxim Kozachenko who is a coastal and marine scientist and who had been exploring and mapping Ireland's coastal and marine environments for over 20 years from the deepest parts of the Irish seabed to the top of the coastal cliffs and sand dunes. Although, most of our activities are not for profit - we are also available to provide applied consultancy services within the areas of our expertise.

Check out our Coastal Infrastructure webGIS for Ireland, which could be a useful decision support tool as part of ICZM process for policy makers and businesses when planning any developments in the coastal zone. It can also provide helpful information e.g. on the latest weather, tides and coastal access points for anybody involved in coastal activity (e.g. sailing, fishing, surfing, kayaking, etc.).

Visit our GeoCoast TV YouTube channel if you are interested in geology, geomorphology and processes that are shaping the coastal and marine environments of Ireland. If you are a teacher please feel free to use any of the videos in your lectures and make your students aware about this resource. The other way to access GeoCoast TV is via webGIS online Map Guide allowing selection of videos based on their location. It is envisaged that through GEOCOAST videos we will make our contribution towards increasing people's awareness, understanding and appreciation of Ireland's coastal and marine environments.


We are happy to provide consultancy services to government agencies, businesses and private clients.

We have extensive knowledge about coastal and marine environments and processes and years of experience in project and survey management both coastal and offshore; and could offer our expertise in bringing the field data through all stages starting from survey planning, data collection, processing, interpretation and production of the final mapping products and reports. We can produce or make valuable contributions into policy documents, Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), planning or foreshore/offshore licence applications, etc.

We also have a strong interest in education and outreach, especially in the areas of coastal and marine science, including applied GIS technologies. The key areas of our expertise are listed below.

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